Editing Services & Pricing

The following service descriptions are based, in part, on Jenny Lucas’s article describing the difference between proofreading and editing. Her words are here paraphrased with her permission.

If you are unsure which service is right for you, or have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Proofreading is a topical editing process. It checks for:

  • spelling, syntax, and punctuation errors
  • consistency of text alignment and styling
  • redundancy

Proofreading does not make structural changes to your work. It does not check for readability, logical transitioning, or efficacy.



Copyediting is a mid-level form of editing. It ensures that your copy:

  • is articulate, reads fluidly, and speaks effectively to your target audience
  • uses a correct and consistent voice, tone, and delivery
  • is presented in a logical order with suitable headings
  • is structured, formatted, spelled, and punctuated correctly
  • is technically and grammatically correct

Copyediting will not make large structural changes to your work, and it will not fact-check your claims.


Content Editing

Content editing is the highest form of editing I offer. It ensures that your copy:

  • conveys your content and ideas to your most desired effects
  • makes a convincing, factual argument or case
  • reads well, with no ambiguity or capacity for misunderstandings
  • has enough substance and justification to make its points stick
  • makes its points clearly, concisely, and in the best order
  • uses correct spelling, syntax, and punctuation
  • chooses its words carefully
  • does not make exaggerated or unsubstantiated claims

Content editing is the most intensive form of editing I offer.


Résumés & Cover Letters

In today’s market, it isn’t enough to mail out carbon copy résumés and expect to get answers. Employers want to know you’ve taken the time to tailor your professional documents to their business.

Let me help you put your most professional foot forward. I can tweak an existing résumé or cover letter, or craft completely new documents from the information you provide.

Résumé: $5/page/hour
New cover letters: $25 flat rate
Note: existing cover letters are subject to the editing rates detailed above


This is an independent service. It may be bundled with proofreading or copyediting, but purchase of those services is not required to contract a fact-check.


Daily Rate

My daily rate will apply if your project: comprises 6 or more hours of work AND has a deadline of 72 hours or less.


Please note: hourly rates assume a rate of four 250-word pages per hour. Every project is different. You will receive a quote before contracting my services.